The Red Coral Horn: amulet and meaning in the tradition

Talking about coral without mentioning Italy means leaving it without a home: it would be like talking about the Vesuvius without mentioning Naples.

What is the meaning of the Italian horn ?

In this post we talk generally about the History of the traditional Italian Cornicello

Let's recap the technical specifications of this amulet for enhancing its maximum apotropaic power.

Shape acording Traditional Roots

The shape is essential to call luck against the Evil Eye.

The form recalls unambiguously an erected phallus.

Italian Horn Jewelry: 18 kt Gold, Silver, Amber or Coral

The material have always been very important for the apotropaic value of these amulets.

Amber has electrostatic powers: so tradition says it calls good things!

For sure an Italian Horn Gold amulet or a cornicello in silver are harbingers of good fortune since the precious metals are a symbol of wealthy and richness.

Today we'll talk about the most Iconic Italian Cornicello: the coral hornlet

So let's go moe in depth with the red one...

Red Coral Symbolism

For centuries red coral jewelry has been considered a lucky charm. It is actually correct to say that the natural structure of the coral, looking like a branch, makes it very suitable to be transformed into the form of the famous horns.

But you're really interested in the significance and into the historical roots of the "italian Cornicello"

The tradition and history of the red coral

The coral horn is an amulet that, traditionally, brings good luck. It is given especially to children for protection: in many paintings of the 1500’s you can see children with a small horn or a coral branch.

Famous, in this regard, is one of the most famous paintings by Piero della Francesca (for its history, please refer to Wikipedia): Jesus is wearing coral!

Question: does the branch look similar to the human circulatory system?                                                          

But does the little horn really bring good luck?

This small talisman must have three characteristics: red, twisted and must be given as a gift.

Let’s see why:

  • Red like passion, blood and the sap of life.

  • Twisted: because life is not straight, it comes with many difficulties.

  • As a gift: health cannot be bought.

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Materials for the Cornicello: Coral VS Gold

This amulet, as said, was given in gold too; but, for tradition, against the evil eye, misfortune and disease, coral (especially the red one) is the talisman stone par excellence.

If you want the one all in gold: the meaning will the same just the material will be different ... and more red! 

So Italian Horn Jewelry should be coral or gold? I would say Ferrari (the top of Italian production) is red too.

Coral as a talisman stone

The belief is that the so-called "red gold" is perceived as a symbol of fertility. We cannot forget, in fact, its use, from ancient times until today, in the amulets of magical sexuality and natural medicine.

The Coral Horn is not more than the chastened deviation of the amulet par excellence, the coral phallus.

Donate it freely, without restraint. Anyone, even the most refractory person, deep down, will be glad of the gift that is received, a protection against misfortune: it is not true but I believe in it!

 If my son Marco does it, the more reason for me to do it ...

The biggest hug in the world

Gabriella Bruschi Jovon

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