Blue Cameo Brooches Pendants & Lockets

    Blue Cameos in Agate: Necklaces, Brooches, Pendants and Lockets

    Large range of Italian Blue Agate Cameos, Brooches, Pendants, Necklaces, Lockets and all type of Jewelry in agate, all set in Silver or 18 kt Gold. Our Jewels are available from our shop Eredi Jovon Jewellery on the Rialto Bridge in Venice or directly from our online Jewelry Store.

    You can purchase our selection of cameos at very competitive prices, as well as have the opportunity to purchase them at factory prices or highly discounted sale prices. All of our Blue Agate brooches (with our special patented system) and necklaces are totally made in Italy.

    We are very well known for our Cat cameos, due to the fact that we love animals and pets.

    We are proud to offer in our range some very particular and unique Blue Agate Cameos: a Mother with child cameo, a Maternity cameo, a Virgin Mary Cameo as well animals like unicorn, horse, kitty cat cameo jewelry. Discover our representation of Reinassance masterpiece: Botticelli’s Three Graces cameo and the Birth of Venus pin or the Raphael Guardian Angel cameo.

    All of our necklaces and lockets are proudly made in Italy, totally hand carved by us with love and only using the old blue cameo techniques.

    All the frames and settings are offered in yellow gold or white silver, and they are all handcrafted, to obtain one of a kind blue agate cameo jewelry piece.

    We would like to point out we have been on the Rialto Bridge since 1934 and here you can still come and meet us all: Gabriella, Marco and Alessio.

     We will be glad to show you our Antique and Vintage Blue Agate cameo pieces, which made our family so famous for cameos and we will be happy to show you how we transmitted from father to son the antique technique of cameo carving.

     Visit us in Venice or on our online store and find the perfect brooch or necklace, that original piece of jewelry, which will make you feel so special!

    "We share ‘cause we care"

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