Coral & Silver

    Coral Jewelry in Silver: Earrings, Rings, Beads Necklaces

    The jewelry, which we present and sell, are mounted on 925% silver, to enhance the coral in a modern perspective, creating, therefore, with online sales, the same relationship that is created in our store, on the Rialto Bridge in Venice.

    In this category you'll find regular coral necklacered coral rings, and the traditional Italian red horn.

    Since 1934, Eredi di Jovon Bruno in Venice has created coral and silver jewelry, building the perfect supply chain, from the producer to the consumer, and thus certifying the high quality and genuineness of its products.  

    All types of coral available in the market are used, but, for the most part, Italian corals, fished in Sardinia, Sicily and in the Adriatic Sea.

    The red coral, which is fished in the Mediterranean (what is commonly called Sardinian Alghero), is probably the emblem of the Made in Italy: it is in fact fished, worked, assembled and sold in the "Bel Paese -Italy", creating a perfect supply chain. Beware of imitations and always ask for the original Italian red coral warranty (we provide it on request without any problem).


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