Customized Signet & Seal Rings

    Signets, initials, crest, cameos: how we personalize your ring

    In our workshop we can customize your ring with a letter carved in a shell cameo, your initials engraved by hand over a simple silver or gold band. For the most trendy and exigent customers we offer chevalier rings with black or white diamond initials and monograms.

    On demand, and after an estimate, we offer the possibility to represent your family crest into a seal ring.

    Signet Ring: history and the meaning of a vintage tradition

    For centuries, and especially during Middle Age, signet rings have been legally used on wax for certify letters and documents by nobles. The seal ring was destroyed after the Lord’s death.

    Can I use a chevalier or a seal ring? on which finger? Is this male or female?

    Nowadays signet rings can be wear by every person, man or woman, who think that elegance is important. It does not matter if you wanna use on your left or in you right hand, on your ring finger or on your pinky, in gold or silver set: “true luxury is on having something specially made for you!”


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