Quote Customize Cameos From a Photo Handmade in Italy

Offer a unique jewelry gift to your partner or a special friend. A customized Cameo portrait will for sure make them happy or why not buy a gift for yourself and wear your loved ones portrait in a beautiful Cameo Jewel close to your heart. The custom portrait cameos are hand carved from your photos into a Cameo Gemstone.
We can create a portrait cameo Custom made directly from your photos or file. Just upload the image with the picture of your loved one, relative or pet and you'll receive a free estimate within 24 hours. We have up to date created many samples of customized Cameos portraits from pictures.
Apreciate same sample of picture and cameo realized.

Possiamo creare un cammeo personalizzato partendo da una vostra fotografia o da un file .


We can create a unique jewel representing your loved one, relative or pet


Just upload the image you will receive a free estimate within 24 hours

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