Red Coral Beads Necklace from Italy
Red Coral Beads Necklace from Italy
Red Coral Beads Necklace from Italy
Red Coral Beads Necklace from Italy
Red Coral Beads Necklace from Italy
Red Coral Beads Necklace from Italy
Red Coral Beads Necklace from Italy
Red Coral Beads Necklace from Italy

Red Coral Beads Necklace Chain from Italy


Made in Italy

Italian Red Coral Beads Necklace, Genuine first choice Mediterranean Coral chain traditionally 18 inches long. (Being our own production we can provide customized length within 24 hours). Real Italian coral (Corallium Rubrum) is sold by gram according the beads diameter.

Certificate included on every Red Coral Beaded Necklace!

Eredi Jovon is an Authorized Certifier for original Corals by Assocoral "Italian Coral and Cameo Society"

Different sizes available! For bigger beads size contact us for a private estimate

Beads Size

Gift box and guarantee included

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Red Coral Necklace

Beads are spherical or rounded shapes that are commonly used in jewelry making. Coral beads are quite the most popular shape for coral necklaces and are often used for arm bracelets too and sometimes for earrings (the so called "tessito" artwork).

Original Coral Beaded Chain

Coral beads can vary in size and usually are shaped to be smooth.They are often strung together with knots or not to create necklaces or bracelets.

As said many times, ask always for a certificate: Eredi Jovon issues a signed certificate on every item and for high value products offers a Certificate assisted by the "Block-chain" technology as is used for diamonds market.

Price for Genuine Coral Beads

Above all, the price for genuine mediterranean coral varies according the diameter size of the beads: it's quite normal that a 7 mm necklace costs about the double of a 6 mm ones and so on. In fact the value therefore varies exponentially.

Can be Real Coral for Sale?

Prices that looks very attractive should alarm you, coral can't be "for sale" since the so called Bosses of the market invest their profits in this kind of coral cut cause it's supposed to be the best investment. Coral value in fact rises during the years and looks to be one of the best actual investment.

Description: Italian coral is fished by brave divers by hand all along the Mediterranean sea. Beware from imitations, ask the original
Metal: silver/silver gold plated or 18 kt. gold
Material: red Italian coral, genuine and certified
Size: different diameter beads available, measure of tolerance: 1/2-1/4 of mm. (for the 5 beads at the extremes, the so called "tails", the tolerance is 3/4 of millimeters)
Pendant Design,Brand,Seller: This product is designed and created by Eredi Jovon in Venice, Italy.
Guarantee Certificate of Made in Italy: YES

Important! The product purchased could be slightly different from the photo: small differences are due to craftsmanship that makes every product one of the kind

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