Coral & Gold

    Gold Coral Jewelry: necklace, ring, earrings

    Coral is considered the "Italian red gold" and its prices often far exceed the precious yellow metal. Coral jewelry requires yellow gold par excellence.

    That's why some shapes and sizes of coral are mounted exclusively and only on 18 kt gold.

    Here we sell the traditional Italian Cornicello in coral, the red coral necklace, and top quality coral earrings.

    The most precious metal becomes, therefore, only a partner for this precious coral, which is itself the protagonist of these unique and exclusive jewels: when the coral has considerable dimensions, it can cost more than 500 € per gram!

    The corallium rubrum grows slowly at depths, which often exceed 100 meters and is caught by law by skilled and intrepid divers: you then can understand why, given the rarity and uniqueness of the material, gold coral jewels are expensive and exclusive.

    Be wary of imitations and always ask for a guarantee (we will gladly provide it, ask for it at the time of purchase).


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