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Situated on the most beautiful bridge of the world, Rialto's Bridge, since 1934

Eredi Jovon jeweller's shop is synonymous with expertise and tradition: since three generations we make this and we are proud to tell that we make it well.

Our wide collection of cameos and our manual dexterity in making coral jewels "ad personam" allow us to satisfay the several requests of our customers, offering products of high quality and to suit all tastes.

Since 1934 our motto is "We share cause we care" ... that's why in 2015 we create "The italian cameos E-book", to be a gift for our cutomers because every Eredi Jovon jewell is made on you… is made for you.

If you'll visit our work-shop on the Rialto Bridge, our little Cameo Museum will fascinate your heart, and will be possible to create your personal jewel with us participating to our on demand jewelery stages with Gabriella

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