Italian coral beads. let's see the steps to get the ideal one.

Welcome back, my friends!

Perhaps this is the most difficult post that I've ever had to write: with these few lines, I will try to dispel some stereotypes about coral; stereotypes which have persecuted me right from the start of my career, when my father Bruno took me to his shop to work with him.

Coral for Jewelry: The red Italian Gold

I would like to limit myself to the analysis of a single strand of Mediterranean red Italian Coral pearls, called "balls".

For pink coral necklaces, I will write a dedicated post in the future.

You might ask yourself: Why do you reveal these secrets to us?

Because I've always liked to do that: knowledge must be shared!

I have always preferred a happy and loyal customer, who will come back to me, to one who gives me the money, without realizing what I'm giving him in return and will never come back.

I wrote it in the previous post: a sale of any kind is a relationship, so we chose each other.

Red Coral Jewelry
Red Italian Coral Jewelry

Red Italian Coral jewelry in 18 kt Gold and diamonds - Certificate Included on Every Piece

Red Coral Jewelry

How to Pay the Right Price for Your Coral Necklace

I will try to proceed in order, to give you the right suggestions to buy the perfect red coral necklace for you.

1. This Coral necklace ... I want it perfect!

If even my wife cannot be perfect and she is the nearest thing close to perfection I know (you know sometimes she read my articles), most definitely a coral necklace cannot be that, although of first choice, because, as a natural product, it will always have some imperfections! You want a real natural one, don’t you? You don’t want to buy one which has been puttied or with some kind of trick on it?

There … learn to accept the imperfections, which Mother Nature instills in every creature even though know we live in a world where "of natural we have only canned tuna" (cit. singer Samuele Bersani) and perhaps not even that.


2. My coral necklace must be of an exceptional red! It must be an intense "pigeon blood" red.

What a pity ... if you liked it of a normal red … every night we throw away about a pound because nobody wants it…. Damn, if you only came by last night!

I will tell you that 90% of the necklaces that people show me every day is perfect and a wonderful ruby red (which we jokingly call it "big strawberry"): in fact, they are colored bamboo coral necklaces, coated glass bead necklaces, coral paste, plastic or various other materials.

Mediterranean red Coral is usually of a medium red and only exceptionally, and in smaller sizes, it can be found in darker colors.

In addition, the fact that everyone wants dark red necklaces (a peculiar feature that is especially important in the Chinese market) has caused the color variable, once "non-primary", to bring coral at exorbitant prices and out of any investment logic, even for those who produce it ... but on the other hand ... "everyone wants to travel in first class" (cit. singer Ligabue)

CHECK THIS COLOURED CORAL:look at the hole, the color is different and not natural

3. I want a big necklace at least X millimeters up …

You are right, buying Coral is always an investment but you must know that for each extra millimeter, you will have to face a charge of twice the previous measure.

Without going into the merit of the price of red coral, which is variable over time (with a strong tendency to increase) and within the quality I have defined in this POST, I will give you, as usual, a small real example that will explain in a simple way the fundamental rule: diameter is everything!

Cornicello Necklace
Red Coral Beads Necklace Chain from Italy

Italian Red Coral Beads Necklace, genuine (with certificate) first choice mediterranean coral chain traditionally 18 inches long.

Red Coral Beads Necklace

The price of a coral necklace is proportional to the millimeter of the ball.

If you want an 8 mm., you must know that it will cost you twice the 7mm and about half the 9mm; as I always maintained, the most important variable for Italian red Coral is the measure, then everything else comes in.

And here I also quote a song "you are big, big, big, only you are as big as you … (cit. singer Mina)

To make you understand the intrinsic value of this product, I will give you a bonus tip from real experts: when you take in your hand a coral dots wire, put the tail close to the center. The tail ball will most likely be slightly smaller than the central ball: do not worry, it is a normal situation because all the necklaces are mostly accented (they drop about half a millimeter to the tails).

Why did I tell you this? I just wanted to make you understand the difficulty in creating a necklace of coral balls of the same size: often, and depending on the diameter, several pounds of raw red coral are used to obtain a single thread and for some measurements it may take months before you can create a whole necklace.

How to clean my necklace and how to keep it of a beautiful red gloss

Once you have purchased your necklace, putting so much effort searching for it, treat it with care and keep it in a breathable velvet bag (or use your old grandma method, a paper bread bag) and avoid putting into contact with all that is PH negative, as I suggest in this other blog post.

Before I go, I am leaving you with a last tip: Artisan work is not simple, you must love it, share it and understand it; as all beautiful things, it requires some effort because, as the Roman poet Ovid said, "easy things do not arouse desire."


The biggest hug in the world,

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