Antique Blackamoor Jewelry

    Blackamoor Jewellery of Venice

    The blackamoor jewelry (earrings, pendants, necklaces and brooches) for sale are completely handmade in Venice with silver, gold and enamel using the antique techniques of venetian jewellery. This is best definition for the antique blackamoors: rare and old masterpieces of italian dextery. That's why we offer for sale a wide selection of genuine black venetian moors handmade and finished with enamel and ebony using the ancient techniques that made Venice famous for this jewelry all over the world for centuries. Moor jewellery like earrings, pendants, necklaces and brooches are made respecting the old tradition using real craftsmanship and art but above all making every product one of the kind and completely made in Italy. Since 1934 Eredi Jovon sale point is located on the Rialto bridge in Venice where you can still meet the owner Gabriella and her sons Marco and Alessio. We'll be glad to show you this typical venetian jewelry that made our family so famous during this 80 years of story and we'll explain you the real history behind the venetian blackamoor and his importance in the local tradition: The venetian jewel loved by the stars of Hollywood (like Grace Kelly, Liz Taylor, Barbara Hutton, Ernest Hemingway, Arthur Rubinstein, Elthon John  cit. Wikipedia) but worn by venetian ladies since centuries as amulet and lucky charm. Maybe you gonna ask us what's the history behind this lucky charm? as you know "we share cause we care" so take a look to blackamoor history in our BLOG

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