Intaglios Glass Cameos

    Intaglio Cameo Jewellery in Venetian Glass

    Intaglios italain cameos from Venice: the vintage intaglio glass paste cameo is a rarity and Eredi Jovon cameos in Venice is proud to give a great selection in red gold, white silver or silver gold platted. Eredi Jovon Jewelry shop in Venice offers an huge range of fine Venetian hand-made intaglio glass pendants and earrings, same of the antique models are as well for sale.

    Is italian glass intaglio jewelry made in Venice?

    Where this skill cames from? This is an antique skill that made venetian artisans very famous all over the world.The roots of this antique job are in Aquileia (who is considered with Altino the roman predecessor of Venice). Same of this antique glass intaglios are in the Archaeological Museum of Aquileia. Very few persons are nowadays able to do such beautiful masteropieces: pendants, necklaces are certified and made according high standard of the close Murano island, famous for the top level glass factories.

    Intaglio Cameos seal of Approval

    All the products carry the Original Made in Venice seal of approval. Since 1934 Eredi Jovon sale point is located on the Rialto bridge in Venice where you can still meet the owner Gabriella and her sons Marco and Alessio. Venetian jewelry made our family so famous during this 80 years of story and we'll be happy to explain you the real history behind venetian glass and importance of intaglios in the local tradition.

    Check our Blog to stay in contact with us and our news on the products we sell: soon we'll share the history of intaglios that means the hystory of the birth of Venice!

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