Murano Glass Jewelry

    Murano glass Jewellery

    Venetian hand-made Murano glass jewelry. Pendants, necklaces and murrina certified with seal of approval and made according the standards of the island, famous for glass factories. Eredi Jovon Jewelry shop in Venice offers an huge range of fine Venetian hand-made Murano glass jewelry. Pendants, necklaces are certified and made according high standard of the close Murano island, famous for the top level glass factories. The millefiori model using the traditional murrina style is offered at factory prices. All the products carry the Original Murano Glass seal of approval. Since 1934 Eredi Jovon sale point is located on the Rialto bridge in Venice where you can still meet the owner Gabriellaand her sons Marco and Alessio, we'll be glad to show you the venetian jewelry that made our family so famous during this 80 years of story and we'll be happy to explain you the real history behind venetian glass and his importance in the local tradition

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