1. Do you ship to USA, Canada, Australia etc.?

Dear customer we ship daily to any destination in the world; your order is usually dispatched within 24/48 hours

2. Are your products made in Italy ?

All our products (except where otherwise marked) are designed, conceived and realized in Italy

3. Can I have a certificate of guarantee ?

Yes no problem, just ask and we’ll add inside your pack

4. Is your store only online ?

No, we run a shop on the Rialto Bridge of Venice since 1934, dealing with thousands of customers every year

5. Are you trustable ?

Since 3 years we’re listed within the best ranked shops on Tripadvisor for Venice

6. Is your shipping safe ?

We are responsable for the shipping till the products arrive at your home

7. Can I pay with my credit card ?

Yes you can using Paypal, the largest internet payment company

8. Am I obliged to open a Paypal account ?

No you don’t need to: just check how