Today we show our face!


Many of you know us personally, some of you have known us only online and many of you ask to get to know us more closely before trying our jewelry in coral and customized services on cameos.

Well, why not? ... Let’s start!

The question that you often ask us is: what does your name Eredi di Jovon Bruno mean?

Jovon Bruno was my father who left us 20 years ago and we, for love and respect, wanted to remember him in the name of the company that he had created. We have been doing this job for three generations and more precisely since 1934, even by my grandfather Luciano, always in the same place: the Rialto Bridge in Venice.

But today I will not tell you about them: it would be only a self-referential promotion and it is useless to have deep roots if you are not projected into the future.

Showing the face it's important

Today I will tell you about "showing the face" because as you have noticed on our homepage there are three beautiful smiling faces and then, if anything, the products: well.... those three are us (Gabriella, Marco and Alessio).

We want to "put our face" because we believe it is essential to create first of all a relationship of trust with our customers: we think that people love to buy, but hate those who pull their jacket to force them to do so.

So today I will also show you the behind the scenes of our work: it is right that you know all the people who work with what and us better solution, if not to show you their faces?

We will start from Giorgio the veteran of the group that currently serves customers with us in store and then we move on to Mimmo who helps us in the making of the cameos and the coral sculptures.

However, all our cameos and corals have to be mounted on gold and silver to become "your jewel" and here Marco and Ciro come into play, together with their father and their uncle Nunzio.

As many of you know, our store is on the Rialto Bridge in Venice but the times have led us to get involved online too and here come on stage Monica (our social media manager) who answers all your curiosities on the web and Francesco who follows your packages to their destination (and over the years we have sent them to every remote corner of the world).

Here we are, maybe not as beautiful and athletic as the models of advertising that we are used to seeing on TV (except for my mother Gabriella who is obviously beautiful), but we are those who answer you in a chat, an e-mail or a phone call whatever your problem or your question is... With these faces here!

I invite you to download our book on cameos for free to become part of our family and receive our newsletter with news on jewelry and promos dedicated to those who follow us with passion!

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