Anthony cames from NY ... and this is not a sell letter!

Anthony is from New York and is one of the many customers who comes to visit us every day; he arrived in Venice with his family, we welcomed him with professionalism and courtesy and he finally bought some cameo jewelry created by us ...

Well, what is strange about this… you will ask me ….YOU WILL PROBABLY DO THIS EVERYDAY.

The strange thing is that I packed the goods, I filled out the Tax Free form, but ... I charged the card for an amount TEN TIMES LOWER than what was due ... (I actually forgot a zero).

In the evening adding up the day intake, I noticed the error ... and I sent a friendly letter to Anthony explaining what happened.

In the following days, when I talked to some people, they joked and laughed at me saying I would not see my money again, but I replied that they were measuring this person with their morality and that they were wrong.

“You mean you are not desperate? “

And why should I be? In a relationship, both parties must have mutual trust; it is a philosophy of life!

Believe me, "I never hesitated a minute, I always believed in the honesty of my clients, especially in Anthony who I met personally!"

And in fact ... I was right ... Anthony contacted me and in half a day he credited me the difference.

Why am I telling you this? What is the moral of the story?

If you want to be different from the world around you, you have to accept the risks and the consequences, but even when they tell you that you are wrong, do not change your philosophy and remember that you work not only for money (which allows you to sustain you and your family), but for the PEOPLE and that they are your real added value.

Surely there will be someone who does not understand this philosophy, surely there will be people who will believe you are stupid, weak, who will try to take advantage of the moment, to get the most out of every situation with you, of your mistakes ... but I ask you:


 Here.. if there is one thing I have learned working for so many years is that Selling is relating to a person.. creating a bond! You can also make mistakes ... but in the end everything will work out.

After all probably we chose each other ... and if you keep following me ... if you're reading this email ... I probably have chosen well.

I just wanted to thank you because ... you are also Anthony!

The biggest hug in the world

Marco Jovon ... you can download for free my Ebooks here ...


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