Giving the right value to a jewel or a cameo

No magic recipe, but just a bit of philosophy to put some things in their right place.

A spoiled kid with a wise father

I was sixteen and I was in love with a pair of shoes from a semi-known brand.  For me they were beautiful. They cost a lot for 1989, but I would have done anything to have them.

I tried the shortest and easiest way: I went to my father, who was never able to say no to me. But he replied like this "Come and work with me for fifteen days so you will be able to buy them yourself."

A fundamental lesson for the future

That day, my father Bruno taught me something that would have served me so much in the future: to give the right value to things in a way which had to be disconnected from the mere price.

That teaching is useful to me every day in my working life: I create a value every day by producing my own jewels, I estimate the value of antique and vintage jewelry and I have to guarantee for the quality of the articles we sell to our numerous clients. Price is a natural consequence of all of this.

The value and the elegance of a jewel

Why am I telling you this?

I am often asked what the secrets of my profession are, as I value a jewel.

here for example I tell you how to evaluate cameo jewelry, here how to appraise a coral necklace but ....

In a nutshell people want a simple answer to a question on which everyone has its own idea and that, in some cases starts, from wrong point of view.

Perhaps my idea of value benefits from the experience I gained on a daily basis and the fact that I can not afford to make mistakes, because the mistake would be reflected in my client’s purchase. If I made a mistake when purchasing a raw material, this would be reflected at the end of the process on my client and that would be highly unprofessional.

But for those who have trouble giving a value to things, could a trademark or brand help? Does a trademark in itself ensure the value of an object? That is…

Is a brand automatically synonymous with elegance and quality? 

Absolutely not! I can say this with full knowledge and experience.

For many, the branded object becomes synonymous with quality simply because the individual delegates to the brand the responsibility of defining a value.  The individual chooses not to choose, so the brand decides for him.

In the client's imagination, what enjoys a lot of publicity must be very important, becoming a good brand worthy of trust. In reality this is not always the case.

I answer you with a phrase borrowed by Robert Stephens (and suggest to me by my friend Gabriele Prevato): ”advertising is a tax you pay for being unremarkable – meaning: paying for a lot of advertising is like paying a tax to the world for the fact that you are in fact nothing and therefore noteworthy ”.

And in fact, what is being advertised? Exactly what that brand is not ... because otherwise you would have already perceived that aspect by yourself and you would not need a continuous pestering message.

So how do I define the value of a jewel?

The question at this point is no longer this, but it becomes how to recalibrate our sense of value and elegance in a world where everyone tells us what to buy, what to eat, what's cool to wear.

My recipe: read, get informed, and be greedy of knowledge. Thinking that after reaching a goal, there will be a new peak to be climbed.

And be happy about wanting to keep in the game constantly, because this is life and we will be the first responsible and guilty if we let others take decisions in our place.

Be dubious as St. Thomas but humble as Socrates, who said that the first step to learn is to admit that you do not know.

So the post on the jewel was just an excuse to tell us what you think about this and tell us whom we are dealing with when we come in your store?

You caught me ☺ and I would be curious to know what you think. I will be happy to answer all your comments. Also I wanted to take the opportunity to talk about my father Bruno who I wish each of you had the privilege of getting to know.

The biggest hug in the world.


We know the price of everything and the value of nothing (F. Nietzsche)

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