The Made in Italy today

When customers buy a Coral Necklace or same Cameo Jewelry, I always point out: "This is 100% Made in Italy".

by the way ... this is me and my uncles at the workshop ... as you can see at Eredi Jovon we surround ourselves with young apprentices!

For us as you may have understood tradition and experience are indispensable things to be able to offer you the real Made in italy! 

Did you know that today the "Made in Italy" brand, which was institutionalized in 1990, is the third brand perceived by consumers in the world after Coca Cola and VISA?

We therefore speak of Italian manufacturing and everyone associates and perceives the "brand" as a synonym of high quality.

In fact, today the word "Made in Italy" is synonymous with beautiful and well-made, but the origins of our excellence are not so noble.

Let's go looking for them back in time.

Do you know where it draws its origins from?

First thing to know: the "Made in Italy" brand was imposed on us!

Let me explain: the indication of origin was imposed on Italian producers by European importers (in particular English, French and German) so that foreign consumers were able to understand that the products they were about to buy had not been made in their homeland.

Exact! The Made in Italy brand was born as a "second choice" but over time it has established itself with its strength and undisputed merits. So today we are here talking about unchallenged excellence.

Today's dangers for the Made in Italy brand

What may be the dangers that may challenge this dominant position?

Personally I see two: one inside and one outside.

The External danger

The external danger is basically what is called "Italian sounding" and is estimated (source: site of the Italian Government) in about 60 billion euros of turnover that are deliberately stolen from Italy.


In practice you sell a product, made who knows where, making people believe that it was made in Italy.

Here the optimal answer is simple in the intent but very difficult in the practice: we should indeed move as a system, proud of what we can do and protect ourselves in every appropriate place and way!

The Internal danger

This danger is in my opinion more subtle and in some way connected to the first. I refer to all those Italian brands that are recognizable as ambassadors of the Made in Italy but produce in the Far East where production costs are significantly lower.

In two words: if you want to be an ambassador of the "Made in Italy" you have to substantially create your product in Italy and not find fiscal ways that will allow you to go around the rules. This is why Italy's country system does not stir in the same direction to defend the true Made in Italy: not everyone is interested!

Where is the "Made in Italy" today?

It is found especially in small-medium enterprises, in those family-run businesses where the quality and provenance of semi-finished and raw materials are a point of honor of the management (el paron – the boss usually) who would not give that up for anything in the world.

To those who object that I have an outdated idea, I reply that mine is the primary and original vision of the "Made in Italy" and that is what every foreign tourist who comes to Italy looks for and would like to find.

I could cite thousands of colleagues who work well with this philosophy, I limit myself to show you a site where the journalist Maria Laura Berlinguer will make you meet many others.

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