Blackamoor antique history and definition: the real venetian Jewelry!

Venetian Blackamoor jewelry is probably the most representative example of the typical Italian skill and handicraft that takes its roots in the history of the Venice Republic (“La Serenissima”): since the 16 th century the antique moors have become symbols of venetian goldsmith tradition and still now they’re part of our culture and legacy

What does blackamoor mean?

Name and fame deliver from the term “Moro” that was used to call the Saracen pirates that were scaring the Venetians around the coasts of Mediterranean Sea. Note please that Venice at that time held a great part of the southern coasts of the Mediterranean Sea reaching the actual Turkey.

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The inhabitants of the coast wore gold earrings with enamels (white and black) like amulets to exorcize the danger of pirates or gave to the churches as votive promises. This is for sure the primigenial blackamoor jewelry that anyway arrived in few years to the motherland.


Blackamoor Jewelry
Blackamoor Earrings Silver Jewelry

Typical handmade venetian moor jewelry set in sterling silver and enamels, totally handcraft and Made in Italy.

Blackamoor earrings

Blackamoors and Venice

In Venice moretto jewelry become something more: it wasn’t just an amulet to exorcize dangers but a status symbol of elegance and abundance to celebrate the supremacy of the Venetian Republic around the Mediterranean sea.

As we talked about in this Blog POST, Moretto Jewelry has nothing to deal with racism!

I’d like to point out a famous masterpiece of Vittore Carpaccio representing a rare blackamoor gondolier with a plumed turban.

Since those times venetian artisans created various kinds of Moors exploring all kind of jewelry: earrings, brooches, pendants and necklaces with blackamoors in ebony usually adorned with precious stones and enamels. As you know we’re Italians and we’re famous for our craftsmanship ….. let’s say it’s something we inherited from our ancestors.

Blackamoor Jewelry
Blackamoor Jewelry Made in Italy

Traditional handmade venetian blackamoor jewelry with silver and yellow gold.

Blackamoor Jewelry


Famous people (VIP) that loved this jewelry and made it famous all around the world

Still now blackamoors are considered the most wanted and typical expression of venetian jewelry: testimonials of this everlasting elegance have been icons of the 20th century as Grace Kelly, Ernest Hemingway, Liz Taylor, Barbara Hutton, Arthur Rubinstein and Elthon John (cit. Wikipedia)

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2018 UPDATE: Recently there has been a controversy triggered by this venetian jewell worn by princess of Kent during her Majesty Xmas dinner

We felt honoured to explain to soo many person the origins of "Venetian Morettos" and we felt obliged to go even more in depth into the question interviewing the most famous expert of venetian history: Pieralvise Zorzi


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