In 1934 Luciano Jovon decide to open a store in the Rialto Bridge to present his works in one of the biggest “window” of the world. Nonno Luciano

The work is totally based in the craftiness of this man in working cammmeos and in his incomparable sense of business.

In 1943 his son Bruno (only 13 years old) came in to the shop to begin his apprenticeship period.

During the ’50 the shop was already one of the most known in Venice and was frequented by the “cream of the world” Bruno was use to say “ It was a golden age, Venice was the capital of taste” In this period he had a great idea: if Venice is the city on the sea, we can be sea window!

The core business was enlarged to corals and Bruno becames shareholder in a coral factory. In 1998 Bruno left us, and the shop passes to Bruno’s wife Gabriella and to to their son Marco Now Marco rules the shop with the same love of his ancestors but “we can’t look at our future if we don’t understand our past and our roots”