Pictures: courtesy of Marisa Convento

The Acqua Alta of Venice

Today's post has a double meaning and a double purpose.

Thank you all!

The main reason is to thank all our customers and friends for the solidarity and interest shown to us and to our family members. We are sure that we have answered everyone personally!

This thing touched us deeply, because it shows what we already knew: you are not only customers but you show a special affection for us. Few companies can boast this thing.

We try to give you a lot in terms of assistance and seriousness, but we receive as much in return, if not more: Thanks thanks thanks!

I will now tell you the second reason for this post.

High water (Acqua Alta) is normal for us, a flood is not!

Some necessary clarifications

Every Venetian has always lived with the phenomenon of high water and is used to this type of phenomenon.

However, the high water of November 15, 2019 was not only exceptional (like all tides above 140 cm.) but with its 187 cm., it was devastating and brought a large part of the city to its knees.

To give you a figure, there have been about twenty exceptional tides (over 140 cm.) in the last 18 years, 187 cm were the second worst cataclysm of the last 100 years.

What is Acqua Alta

However, I would like to tell you a few things about high water, because the news about my city followed in a disorderly fashion and gave you, perhaps, a wrong idea of the phenomenon.

For example for the 140 cm. we mean the tide on the middle of the sea, in this case, I repeat exceptional; in Piazza San Marco, one of the lowest points in the city, there will be about sixty centimetres, other areas remain dry: therefore we do not mean 140 cm of water in the city. This is something that the "non-Venetians" hardly know and already creates great confusion!

The Venetians are never idle

The Venetians are a hardworking population and the “Venice Machine” is not a gear that can stay still for a long time.

What do I mean by this? Taking due consideration and with the utmost respect for those who have suffered irreparable damage, most companies were once again operational after just a week or two and were already breathing an air of normality.

Why do you say this about high water?

Venice has nine lives like cats!

We do not like to play the victim, we are a proud and hard-working people: the city has simply rolled up its sleeves and started all over again.

It hurts me, therefore, to see that even today cancellations in hotels and travel cancellations keep pouring down. People fear the things they ignore and that is why I wanted to clarify the situation for you.

Today Venice is alive and kicking!

Tell your family and friends, tell your neighbours, share it on your social media profiles , tell it to those who want to take a journey to see the most beautiful city in the world but are undecided because they heard misleading news.

Do you love Venice? Do the best thing, come and visit it or see it again!

We are waiting for you, as always with arms wide open

Marco Jovon