Cameo is a stone or a shell encarved or engraved using the different cromatic level of several materials".

This is a synthetic definition that doesn’t give the real essence of what a cammeo means for italian tradition and for every woman in the world.

This is Eredi di Jovon Bruno definition: "A cammeo is a piece of art, is a part of italian history, something for the life, something that you can use but almost something that pointed out your taste for elegance and grace". Descending through generations, through collection in museums, even tucked away in antique stores, the shell cameo excites and inspires the viewer to enjoy the object for its craftmanship alone.

As more individuals become acquainted with this exquisite, miniature art form, discovering the cameo's historic appeal as well as aesthetic beauty, cameo collecting will grow. Same historians believe the word "cameo" derives from the Hebrew/Arabic word "KAMEA" meaning charm or amulet; somebody else think the latin root of the word "cameo" anyway means "to engrave".

The ancestor of nowaday cameos were the seals used for personal documents or household goods, the "intaglios": intaglios and cammeos are both forms of Glyptic art (the Greek word glyptos means "to encarve"). to be continued .....

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Marco Jovon