FAMILY - Italian Handmade Tradition

I think the best certification we can offer is the image of the Homepage.

We are the Jovon Family (mom Gabriella, Marco and Alessio) and we have been doing this job for almost one hundred years!

Today, unfortunately, "Fatto a Mano" (Handmade) and "Made in Italy" have lost their value because of an indiscriminate abuse of these two words.

Everything is now advertised as handmade and in Italy: from the piece of printed glass made in Shanghai to the branded belt made of cardboard in Morocco. The customer is not stupid; today he wants to see to believe!

Tradition is the only one that cannot be faked: the Jovon Family has been on the Rialto Bridge since 1934 and it is our greatest certificate! 

Try to find another site on the WEB that puts the Family Faces  right on the homepage!

Of course our products are handmade and in Italy but we take that for granted!

Now let's move on to the certifications you are most interested in.

Eredi Jovon is an Active Member of ASSOCORAL.

Assocoral is the Italian association for the protection of the product and companies that produce and market red Italian coral and handmade cameos.

We underlined the word "active" because the Jovon Family with its blog (read by more than 300,000 people a year), its 2 E-books (translated into English and FREE) promotes the knowledge of corals and cameos in the world.

Eredi Jovon makes himself available for interviews in newspapers and TV in order to promote our beautiful Italy, the real one.

Papa Bruno used to say, "the customer we help understand the value of our jewelry will never buy the ugly Far East copy, and one more Italian will keep his job." Wisdom from another time, but still valid.

Here I talk on TV about the art of cameo making (Ask Youtube for subtitles cause translation is really well made)

Eredi Jovon is Certifier of Coral and Cameos

With authorization code No. #1, Eredi Jovon certifies your coral and cameo product with blockchain technology, just like is done with diamonds!

This means:

- Certificate of Product Warranty (with a unique QR code)

- Product traceability

- Sustainability of raw materials

Here is a FAC-SIMILE of a certificate


Yes good good, everyone on the web says they are the best: but who tells me I can trust you? 

You tell me, or rather all of you tell me: all our reviews have been collected on this page and are all easily verifiable


Now search the web:

- A physical store located in one of the most iconic places in Italy

- Run by the same Family for almost 100 years

- That produces and sells handmade products in Italy

- That tells you about them, explains them and certifies them

You will find us: a Family passionately dedicated to traditional jewelry just as it was done in the old good times.

Because being worthy of your trust is IMPORTANT and promises must be kept, always!

Speaking about promises: below you can download our 2 eBooks for free!

The biggest hug in the world

Mom Gabriella, Marco and Alessio

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