Collana Perle con Chiusura in Argento

Collana Perle Rotonde con Chiusura in Argento, Collana di perle orientali con chiusura in argento 925% disponibile anche argento dorato

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Questa collana è ideale con i nostri cammei, grazie al nostro sistema assieme a questa collana potrete usare i nostri cammei come chiusura della collana e sarai sicuramente la donna più elegante della serata!

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Made in Italy

€ 98.00

Spedizione in Italia a €6,00; GRATUITA a partire da €150,00

Descrizione: Si accompagna benissimo con ogni cammeo prodotto da Eredi Jovon

Metallo: argento 925% bianco o dorato (specificare)
Materiale: perle di fiume estremamente rotonde "cipolline"
Misura: 45 cm. o 50 cm.
Design,Brand,Venditore: This product is designed and created by Eredi Jovon in Venice, Italy.
Garantito e Certificato Made in Italy: Si'

Importante! Le foto possono non corrispondere esattamente all�articolo acquistato trattandosi di prodotti artigianali. Piccole differenze conferiscono al prodotto la sua esclusiva originalit�.

First let me get the clinical part out of the way. The pearl necklace is stunning, and the perfect length for my wife. The quality of pearls is quite great - as is the fastening and spacing. Much love for the quality.And on a broader note..Eredi Jovon - and the entire family behind the business - holds a special place for me and my wife. In March of 2018, we traveled to Venice – which was the first time to Italy for both of us – and I proposed to her. (She said yes!) I used a handmade Venetian happiness ring from Eredi Jovon, after struggling to figure out what type of ring to get for a brilliant lady who wears (and owns) very few pieces of jewelry.Fast-forward to our wedding day on May 4th 2019, and my wedding day gift to her was a handmade pearl necklace.. from Eredi Jovon. I had ordered it a couple months before, and told them a brief bit of our story - and received a warm reply in return. Our time in Venice was an incredible trip, and something that we will forever remember VERY happily. And this family of jewelers was a distinct part of it. Their work is stellar, and their authenticity is unquestionable. These are true craftsmen. Go see for yourself. They have a near-perfect location, atop the Rialto Bridge. Cheers.

As described.

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