Red Coral Bracelet Beads from Italy
Red Coral Bracelet Beads from Italy
Red Coral Bracelet Beads from Italy
Red Coral Bracelet Beads from Italy
Red Coral Bracelet Beads from Italy
Red Coral Bracelet Beads from Italy

Red Coral Bracelet Beads from Italy


Made in Italy

Bracelet with Italian Red Coral Beads: authentic, genuine and natural (with certificate) first quality red coral harm bracelet 7/8 inches long. (Being our own production we can provide customized length according your desires: just point out in the order)

Italian red coral is sold by weight according the beads diameter (every size got its price por gram)

For bigger beads sizes contact us here for a private estimate

Beads Size

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Red Coral Bracelets: Why it needs to have this color shade

The real Italian coral is naturally red with no men-made or artificial processes: scarlet color is not a snobby way to show your Italianism but is intimately connected with the “Bel Paese” tradition and, mostly, superstition.

Red is the color of blood, of wine, of love o life so a genuine talisman should have this hue!

Red Coral Beads Bracelet: sphere shape vs other cuts

Coral is extremely rare: that’s why from a natural branch a wise worker should obtain the maximum without any scrap or reducing the waste to the minimum possible.

Round pearl is usually considered the best cut for a genuine red coral stone bracelet and is usually the first choice if the cutter is possibly in front of first choice red coral!

Furthermore, a round beaded bracelet is the best investment for “Corallium rubrum”, as my grandpa was used to say, “only first quality will be forever since it will increase its value during the time”.

Red Coral bracelet: Real and Natural, possibly Certified

Corallium Rubrum is the only coral in the world that is red naturally (without white spots) and doesn’t need at all any artificial help to look better. Imperfections are synonymous with genuine and real stones!

Why I affirm this? Because there are a lot of fakes in the market and 

A red beads string doesn’t always mean a real red coral bracelet, it could simply be a plastic or resin imitation


You must ask for natural (certified) red coral bracelet cause today’s techniques can

1. Make the color of the stone deeper dyeing it 

2. Change the hue of the piece from white to deep red (white bamboo coral is the typical sample of this cheat)

3. Hide the natural imperfections of a cabochon with wax or plaster

4. … more to discover in the future since, as we say, “The tricker’s mother is always pregnant!”

Detailed Description: Italian coral is fished by divers by hand and respecting environment around the Mediterranean sea. Beware from imitations, ask the original italian one.

Metal: silver/silver gold plated or 18 kt. gold, just let us know your favorite.
Material: red italian coral, genuine and certified
Size: different diameter beads avaible, measure of tolerance: 1/2-1/4 of mm.
USE: Arm bracelet

Design,Brand,Seller: This product is designed and created by Eredi Jovon in Venice, Italy.
Guarantee Certificate of Made in Italy: YES

Important! The product purchased could be slightly different from the photo: small differences are due to craftsmanship that makes every product one of the kind

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