Italian Horn Necklace White Gold
White Gold Italian Horn Necklace
white gold italian horn charm
white gold italian horn pendant
cornicello necklace white gold
white gold horn necklace
14k white gold italian horn
Italian Horn Necklace White Gold
White Gold Italian Horn Necklace
white gold italian horn charm
white gold italian horn pendant
cornicello necklace white gold
white gold horn necklace
14k white gold italian horn

Italian Horn Necklace White Gold


Made in Italy

White Gold Italian Horn pendant for Necklace or Bracelet - Genuine Italian gold hornlet (the so called "Cornicello" or "Cornetto") is the best talisman against accidents and curses. It will be the ideal amulet for your chain or your lucky charms bracelet. According Italian tradition Cornicello is a lucky talisman that will keep Evil Eye far from you. The Cornetto is a symbol that has its roots in the antique "horn of plenty" synonymous of abundance and fortunate life! Its apotropaic powers will be increased by the precious white metal: horn must be gold, solid, and above all Made in Italy to 100% increase its mighty influences!

 Click here if you prefer the traditional Yellow Gold Italian Horn Necklace 

3 Different sizes available! 


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White Gold Italian Horn Charm for Necklace

• Is the white Italian gold cornicello as powerful as the ones made in other materials?

  • Is White Gold Horn like the Silver one
  • Why Italian horn jewelry should be made in real gold: if solid could be white? Is 14 carats considered solid?

• The gold Italian horn necklace is made for women or for men?

White Gold Italian Horn Jewelry: the precious metal vs the other apotropaic materials?

The different materials give to this lucky amulet different powers

The iconic metal, since centuries, is perfect for “calling” cash and wealth, other materials are supposed to have different powers like improving health, or sexual attitude.

Wear your lucky Gold Hornlet if you ready to start a new business adventure, if you want win at the lottery or if you need hard cash right now. 

Is White gold assimilable to silver? Is it less powerfull than regular yellow gold?

Superstition is ignorant, superstition is basic: gold works 100%, silver works ... but less! So let's say that the White gold Italian Charm is for a person that wants to grab luck but doesn't need the others know it! So it's white but it will work as well

Italian Horn in gold 14 carats: is that solid gold? 

It depends most of the jewelry that you can buy around the world was made in Italy (Since 1998 Italy is the biggest gold jewelry producer of the world)

Italian jewelry production for US and other foreign countries is mostly made in 14 Kt gold since wholesaler ask for 585% quality. So that is what you find basically at home and online in the most famous websites.

The pendants, charms, rings and necklaces mostly sold in the “Belpaese” are instead made in 18 carats gold that says 750%. Italian grandma and moms are picky on this point.

This mark means that your lucky cornicello necklace is genuine and Made in Italy. The Italian horn in gold should be made at least in 14 kt/585% carats

Is Lucky Cornicello Male or Female?

A White gold 14 k Horn (or upper quality like in our case) is mainly ment to be for a woman that like Italian symbols and talisman but like as well a discrete looking so she prefer at least the poecious material connected with diamonds or other precious stones.

Our Cornicello in White Gold is the only one in the market 100% MADE IN ITALY 

Keep the evil far form you with the traditional Italian amulet called "Cornetto" against envy and bad luck!

The model, respectful of the tradition, is made with the best quality materials and is genuine solid gold (not plated). 

Great 3 D effect for a gorgeous and evergreen Italian lucky Charm. This model is actually Made in Venice, Italy.

Metal: 18 kt/750% Italian gold

Material: white gold 18 kt/750% (White gold color is created through a serious Rhodium bath that is long term guaranteed. We do not guarantee the permanent of the white color in case jewelery is stressed using chemical agents like soap, shampoo, cream or shower gel. The use of the product in SPAS is not recommended


  • Regular: 2,4 cm long bail included (around 0,95 inch long)
  • Large: 2,6/2,7 cm long bail included (around 1,1 inch long)
  • Extra-Large: 3,3 cm long bail included (around 1 inch and a quarter almost 1,25 inches)

Use: necklace, pendant or charm bracelet

Design,Brand,Seller: This product is totally designed and created by Eredi Jovon in Venice, Italy.
Guarantee Certificate of Made in Italy: YES

Important! The product purchased could be slightly different from the photo: small differences are due to craftsmanship that makes every product one of the kind

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