Gold in human history

For many centuries and even today, gold is the most used precious metal for making jewelry.

The features of gold, such as its brightness, its "hot" color and its malleability, have inspired, over the centuries, goldsmiths from around the world to create unique objects and symbols ... as a token of love or omnipotence.

Has Gold Apotropaic Power?

Since Millenia tradition gives to gold mighty powers on keeping Evil Eye far from the person and the loved ones.

The yellow metal is in fact intimately related to wealth and richness so its apotropaic power works on material luck as improvements in job career, lottery win, business's sliding doors.

Talking about fortune, the 18 Karat gold Italian horn deserves a separate discussion in our Blog.

Suffice it to say that, according Italian tradition, the form and the material of the cornicello in their combination are heralds of mighty powers that will bring luck closer to you.

Why is this material so valuable?

Gold is a precious material because it is rare. Just consider that, to obtain a few grams of this metal, you have to sift through tons of rock and sand.


What is 18-carat gold? and  Which gold is more valuable?

Being a very soft material, pure gold is mixed with other metals, like silver, copper, and others to make it harder.

For example, goldsmiths use predominantly 18 karat gold (pure gold is 24 karats), namely 750 parts of pure gold in 1000. That is the reason why the abbreviation that you will find marked on the gold item of you interest, in addition to name of the company that produced it, will be 750%.

Example 1: for rose shaped earrings in red coral we use basically the 18 Kt yellow gold.

 What about 9 kt and 14 kt gold?

 There are also other different carats, used in jewelry making, which are equally successful: 9 kt., with the brand 375%, and 14 kt., 585%.

Example 2: for antique jewelry like a pair of Sciacca coral earrings we use preferably the 14 kt rose gold.

Example 3: for venetian lucky charms that needs to be solid and used everyday (under the shower as well) we prefer to use 9 kt/375% yellow gold.

Gold is also a super conductor and is also used in other fields such as electronics or aerospace research.

Going back to jewelry, most of the objects produced are yellow gold, but can also be produced in white or pink gold, nevertheless maintaining the same preciousness.

I have created for you a small table



9 kt.       375%

14 kt.     585%

18 kt.     750%

 I leave you with our usual greeting which has now become a trademark - in this case 24-carat :) that is 100%.

The biggest hug in the world


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