The Lapis lazuli from the pyramids to papal Rome

1260 BC: a mighty Ramses II travels the foundations of his burial chamber under construction, excavated at a depth of 58m. The architect has designed a sepulcher for him that no one will be able to rival in grandeur. The Pharaoh's voice echoes cavernous and creeps into every grain of sand in the desert in the Valley of the Kings, when he raises his golden scepter and sentences:

“A bit of heaven will enter with me into the bowels of the earth, so that the stars can illuminate forever my abode in the beyond!”

The legendary Blue stone

That sky will really find a way to punctuate his nights, for thousands of years; that firmament will be made with one of the most famous gemstones of antiquity: the lapis lazuli.

For sure it's possible to find in the Pharaon's funeral set also Coral Jewelry and Turquoise set in gold.

But today we talk about the Blue Lapis

Why it is Blue?

This marvelous gem comes from the process of metamorphosis of calcium into marble; its deep blue is given by the presence of sulfur, the gold frictions from pyrite and the touch of white by calcite. The color and the golden inclusions give the idea of a shining vault and have turned it into a poetic gem.

For millennia it will be designated as “divine stone”, the materialization of the starry mantle of the gods, to which magical powers and healing powers will be attributed.

It is even mentioned in the Book of the Dead as a very powerful amulet.

It will begin to be worn by nobles and rulers to flaunt their own otherworldly lineage, and is therefore referred to as “the stone of the Kings”.

The Lapis indigo will, incorruptible, go through the ages until it reaches the Middle Ages, a period in which, through its grinding, the finest blue of the frescoes will be obtained, with a particularly intense and resistant nuance. Its cost could be said to be equal to that of gold, but it was this magnificence that charged it with a devotional meaning. In the world of sacred art, in fact, depicting the sphere of the divine with precious materials was a kind of gift, of homage, which was rendered.

Giotto uses it in abundance in the frescoes of the Cappella degli Scrovegni, in Padua; Michelangelo in the Renaissance packs it in to make the Sistina Chapel…

Just think about to an old painting: "Which is the color of the Holy Virgin's Mantle"?

It is Bue, right?

The origins of Lapis lazuli and its curative uses

Lapis lazuli is an antique stone, like all the minerals and crystals of the earth. In fact, in the beginning these were the first elements to be formed on the planet, and therefore they absorbed an ancestral, primordial energy. Also because of this the Lapis is connected totruth and enlightenment and it is given the power to open communication with our spiritual sphere.

All of this makes the blue gem a stone with therapeutic use.

Benefits for the spirit

In crystal therapy it is employed for stimulate the opening of the third eye making the senses open up to the world of the invisible. It has the ability to bring you to deal with your own ego.

Benefits for the mind

It inspires and makes people creative, gives mental clarity

Benefits for the body

Combined in the Eastern civilizations to the fifth Chakra, the throat, acts on the problems to the vocal cords, helping to bring out repressed anger in a non-violent way. In women it gives a powerful erotic charge.

The Lapis Lazuli in Jewelry

The stone in the goldsmith's art finds one of its highest points of expression and has never ceased to be the muse of master craftsmen, from Sumerian times to the present day. It lends itself to multiple processes.

In the "recent" era the Cabochon cutis favored,but it can be worked "on boards", with beads or engraved, to make bracelets, necklaces, earrings, as well as cuff links.

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How to take care of this gem

  • Lapis Lazuli cannot be exposed to heat sources
  • Cannot be immersed in hot water
  • Cannot come into contact with soaps, saline solutions or acid substances

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