Today we talk about the No's that each of us receives in life: No's make you grow up but sometimes time intervenes to change things in unexpected ways....

If you think a professional costs you too much, you don't know how much an amateur will cost you" (Uncle George)

"I wanted an elastic coral bracelet for astrological purposes and Marco at once said no about the elastic. He said the job was not impossible to do but his family had worked for years stringing bracelet in a different way, more elegant and secure. He stated that bracelet would had looked bad since all imitations are just done that way.

At first sight I was barely offended and I went on my way since he had not exactly what I wanted. After a couple of months the bracelet bought in London in a reputable store went bad and lost the red color.

Since he had looked professional, I contacted again Marco that said it was probably a dyed coral and he suggested me to ask for a certificate. 

The jewelry store in London could not provide it to me so I got my money back from them and asked for a real one to Marco that made also a Certificate for the good purchased."

"I had my grandma cameo and asked to Jovon Jewelry to re-set it in gold. When Marco made the quote for the job and said he would had need 4 weeks to do it,  I had an heartbreak since, at that time, it looks a lot of money to me.I decided to go to a local jeweler in Boston that cracked the cameo during the mounting stage. He took no responsibility for this since he said my cameo was too thin and too old.

I contacted again Marco that, after a quick look to the cameo picture,  offered to re-set it and try to hide the broken part.

If I can still wear my cameo today I must thank Marco, more I’m ready to make a customize one for my new granddaughter."

"My grandparents left Italy in the first ‘900 with no money but full of hope. My grandma had a necklace she cherished all her life cause it was given by her love: she left it to me.

Now I know it was not a great quality one but it means a lot to me. Nobody here in Canada was able to reset and restore it so I looked on Google and contacted Marco.

He said the work would not worth the money but after insisting he offered to ask his retired mom Gabriella to do that job for me and after reading my story she said yes and she did indeed an extraordinary job.

More .. she personally contacted me to know more about my “nonni” cause she was proud to had done something special for me."

"My wife wanted a big beads coral necklace and I asked Jovon Jewelry for that. The necklace I wanted was quoted 10.000,00 euros. I thought, those guys are crazy! After a quick search, I finally bought something similar for 500 € on a MarketPlace. After 3 weeks the color faded away and asked the platform for a refund. I re contacted Marco that explained to me that probably I was falt down in a common trick.

He said that for that kind of amount he could offer me a regular natural red coral necklace smaller than i thought but real and certified.

I asked for a little bit bigger size and we got a deal. It was 3  years ago, now I got from them earrings and ring to match."

"I was in Venice in Oct 2021 and I looked for a cameo.

To be honest there are more than hundred stores that sell more or less the same stuff

I bought  a nice one for a very reasonable price in a store in the city center.

I passed by Jovon shop I took a look inside  and Alessio, one of the 2 brothers, said I deserved a real cameo. What? I said. He explained I was caught and got unfortunately  a fake one.

He said this gently and explained the story of the store and the love of their family for this job: at the end I  bought a cameo from him too. Now I kept  myself the real one and sold the other online"

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