Blood Red Coral Pendant in Silver

Blood Coral pendant for a necklace

Trinket with real red coral from Italy set in sterlig Silver - Elegant pendant, completely handmade in Italy in our laboratory. This pendant for necklace is completely handmade using genuine mediterranean coral.

Being handmade, each model is one of the kind!

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Made in Italy

€ 135.00

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Description: teh red italian coral is set individually so every model is slightly different
Metal: sterling silver 925%
Material: genuine coral from the mediterranean sea
Size: the coral piece is about 2,0/1,5cm long
Earrings Design,Brand,Seller: This product is designed and created by Eredi Jovon in Venice, Italy.
Guarantee Certificate of Made in Italy: YES

Important! The product purchased could be slightly different from the photo: especially in this product small differences are due to craftsmanship that makes every product one of the kind.

My wife loved the pendant and now she wants the matching earrings. Highly recommend

Product was delivered quicker than expected. It was as advertised, well designed handcrafted and of excellent quality.

Looking for a special anniversary gift it called for Coral Jewelry ? Never heard of it so I Googled It . Blood Red Coral from Italy was highly rated . I looked at a lot of Coral jewelry from everywhere and I like these the most . You can see that they are hand made . The Coral is unique , very red and perfect . Held nicely by the sterling silver . Each one in slightly different and special . Not overly large but large enough to draw attention and spark a conversation .

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