Mosaic Antica Murrina Murano Glass Necklace

Mosaic Antica Murrina Authentic Murano Glass Necklace with guarantee certificate - 

Authentic genuine (with certificate) real Murano Glass necklace with the nice mosaic pattern. Shop the genuine Murrina done with the traditional processing techniques passed through generations and still made with love in Murano Island.

5 different pattern avaible! Garantee Certificate and Gift Box included!

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Made in Italy

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Description:Mosaic a very elegant murrina! The word Murrina (Murano glass) was invented “recently” by the monk Vincenzo Zanetti who celebrated the renaissance of the old Murano jewelry ofter a long crisis period.Hot to create a real murrina? It’s completely handmade using different pot with different colors of glass.It’s made placing on different layers of glass with different colors by the expert ends of immense artists, then is  heated and stretched it into a rod.Once cool, the rod is sliced into cross-sections of thickness with each slice possessing the same pattern in cross-section.

It’s a millenary secret jealously conserved in Murano: an island close to Venice

Metal: metal nickel free in the clasp, velvet adjustable necklace
Material: "Mosaic" model: Authentic genuine Murano glass ina very elegant way
Size: adjustable necklace
Pendant Design,Brand,Seller: This product is designed and created by Murano Invent and sold by Eredi Jovon in Venice, Italy.
Guarantee Certificate of Made in Italy: YES

Important! The product purchased could be slightly different from the photo: small differences are due to craftsmanship that makes every product one of the kind

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