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Red Coral Jewelry from Italy: Necklaces, earrings and beads

Red and Orange Coral from Italy: traditional jewelry

Coral Jewelry: "Corallium rubrum" or red mediterranean coral necklaces, beads, earrings and rings are the core business of Eredi Jovon Venice since 1934!

Genuine Coral is fished in Italy: it's a selective fishing respectful of nature, and made by licensed brave divers.

At Eredi Jovon we respect nature!

Red Coral Ring and Earrings

Red coral rings, earrings and necklaces are than shaped by hand in our workshop to obtain a wide (the largest in Italy) selection of jewelry.

Coral Loose Beads, Necklaces and Chains

We sell as well red beads chains and the famous orange antique coral from Sciacca (dated 19 th century): this kind of jewelry is extremely rare. Only the oldest firm can provide you such a kind of pieces. Since 1934 we fish, produce and sell engraved corals or beads according the Italian ancient tradition. That's why we have same piece of Sciacca orange coral jewelry, one of the oldest product of Italian craftsmanship, and museum pieces that we keep for ourself but we'll be proud to show you in our private small museum.

The antique legend of Italian coral gemstone:

The legend says that when Perseus cut the head of Medusa, her blood went to the sea and transformed the acquatic plants in corals. The italian tradition of corals take its roots on roman times: coral jewelry has been given to mothers that nursed their children, the italian grandma said if milk was good coral would keep red and brillant.

For the "Belpaese" tradition the Italian red horn in coral on a gold necklace is the typical gift to celebrate the birth of a new baby: the cornicello on a chain will keep evil far from the new born.

Let's say the Italian horn in yellow gold is a light version of the traditional amulet.

The lucky protecting stone for astrologist:

That's the reason why astrologist think this an amulet gemstone, something that deals with our ancient roots: coral is red like the blood, like the wine, like the italian life!

Certificate of Guarantee

Since genuine Italian red coral is one of the most desired piece of jewelry, imitations are few and we need to certify our products to give a great customer's service to our clients.

Every product is so provided of an authenticity Card that certify the "real red Italian coral" and the "original made in Italy".

"We share cause we care"

Italian Coral Jewelry

Sciacca Coral Bracelet Gold

Eredi Jovon
Sciacca coral bracelet, Rare Sciacca coral bracelet with 18 Kt./750% italian gold inserts. Avaible also in deep red coral Guarantee Certificate for Sciacca coral avaible!
Red Coral Bracelet Gold Red Coral Bracelet Gold 2
Italian Coral Jewelry

Red Coral Bracelet Gold

Eredi Jovon
Red Italian coral bracelet, Rare and gorgeous coral bracelet with 18 Kt./750% italian gold inserts. Very deep first choice italian red coral Guarantee Certificate for real genuine coral avaible!
Red Coral Lion Red Coral Lion  2
Italian Coral Jewelry

Red Coral Lion Pendant Gold

Eredi Jovon
Venetian Lion, Handmade coral lion of Venice, set in gold 18kt./750% with diamonds on the top. One of the kind ! The artist doesn't make anymore so it's even more rare! SOLD!
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